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    This section of the site is more academic than devotional (though you probably already determined that by looking at the page title). Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to check your brain at the door in order to be a Christian. There is an entire subset of the academic world called Biblical Scholarship where intelligent dialogues are held about elements of the Bible and the basic tenents behind Christianity.

    Currently, there is a high concentration of content about the historical Jesus, simply because that was my concentration in my undergrad days. Although, consider this . . . since Jesus is at the heart of Christianity, you must at some point ask yourself who He is. I mean really, who is Jesus? Was He the Messiah, God in the flesh, Savior, and Son of God as Christians proclaim Him to be? Or was He just some cool guy who lived a really long time ago, that we can maybe learn a few things from, but who really has no relevance in our lives today? Whichever you decide, that decision dictates how you live the rest of your life. Faith is most definately a decision, NOT a feeling, and that decision causes you to live your life differently than you otherwise would.

    Though I admitedly have a Christian perspective, the purpose of this section of the site is tol show that my faith, and my fellow believers' faith in Jesus Christ is rooted in historical fact -- not on mythology or guesswork.

    The Basics Of Christianity
        The Bible
         The Old Testament
         The New Testament
         Christian Practices
         Lord's Supper
         Ten Commandments

    Who IS Jesus Christ?

    Past and Present Quests
                The Old Quest
                No Quest
                The New Quest

          The Jesus Seminar
                Methods and findings
                Prominent Members

          Origins of Christianity
              Authorship of Mark’s Gospel
                Dating Mark’s Gospel
                Dating the book of Acts
                The historicity of the book of Acts

               John’s Gospel
                Differences in John’s theology
                Discrepancies between John’s Gospel and the Synoptics

                What does Paul tell us about Jesus?
          Who Do You Say That I Am?
              What did Jesus say about Himself?
                What do 1st and 2nd century sources say about Jesus?

          The Resurrection of Jesus
          Works Cited

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