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  • BUS!

    In life, the most important thing is our relationship with God. If you have
    no relationship with Him, the most important thing is a commitment to
    Christ, which would establish one. If you do have a relationship with Him,
    there are plenty of things in life which can distract you, and move you away
    from God. Sometimes God has to get our attention.

    Matt, imagine you and I are about to cross a busy street. We're walking and talking, and we come to an intersection. You are not paying attention, and begin to step out into the street. You do not see the bus that is headed straight for you. I see it, and yell, "BUS!"

    You wave your hand at me, "yeah, yeah, whatever, I've crossed this street tons of times, and I know what I'm doing."

    "Matt, bus. . . look out!"

    "Yeah, yeah, whatever."

    So I leap towards you, knocking you over, and out of the way of the oncoming bus. In the process, you break your leg.

    You look at your leg, then at me, "What the heck did you do that for??!!"

    "Matt, there was a bus, look, can't you still smell the diesel??"

    "I would have been fine, I know what I'm doing. Look what you did! My leg
    is broken! How am I gonna surf now? You should have just let me be!
    You're gonna pay for this!"

    Well, we do the same thing to God. We're mosing along, not paying attention to the oncoming traffic (sin, people, circumstances) that seeks to make us asphalt pancake (wreck our relationship with God). Since we are not paying attention, or think we know better, and God loves us, and values our relationship with Him, sometimes He has to leap on us to get us to safety, and bones are broken. Whatever pain there is in our life, it is insignificant compared to the value of our soul and right relationship with God. Life's pain is a broken leg in comparision.

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