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  • Step Out of the Boat

    Joyce Meyer once said, "Those who try to hang on when God is trying to move on will always be miserable."

    There are times when God wants to take us to the next level in our spiritual development, but we hesitate because of fear and uncertainty. At these moments, we are between two worlds - one in which we understand, and the other that is beyond our comprehension. Instead of launching out in faith, we tend to linger where we feel comfortable and secure. In doing so, we miss the exciting destiny that God has for us. We can never grasp the future blessings if we are still clasping on to past achievements.

    The problem most Christians run into when facing this critical breaking point, is that instead of tapping into the Lord's power for a breakthrough, they depend on their own limited strength, and end up in a breakdown.

    If we have any aspiration of seeing God move in a miraculous way in our lives, we must be prepared to step out of the boat, as Peter did. God's power is always there for the taking. Sometimes though, the Lord requires us to take the first step of faith and then the resources will be provided.

    The widow in II Kings 4 saw God's bounty unleashed when she obeyed the prophet Elisha who asked her to gather as many jars as she could find, and fill them with the small amount of oil she had on hand. God's miraculous power multiplied her resources, and the oil supply ran out only when no more jars could be found to fill. Likewise, God's power will flow through our lives continually as we make ourselves available to Him.

    Availability is the key.

    God can provide you with the abilities you need to complete the tasks at hand, but you control your availability to begin them. A friend said once, "You determine the depth of your relationship with the Lord and He determines the width of your ministry."

    Today ask God to use you, and get excited about what He has planned. Isaiah offered his service to the King with the words, "Here I am --Send me." May you too offer yourself as an instrument to be used by God to accomplish His works.

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